EARLY ACCESS: Episode 54 “It’s Treason Then!”

The war expands and disaster strikes. This episode explores the entry of England and Holland into the revolutionary war, as well as the French invasion of the Dutch Republic in February 1793. As Belgium begins to break, the Austrians and the Prussians unleash a devastating counter-attack, crippling the French military and causing chaos behind the

Free Bonus Episode: The Corsican Revolution Part I

Grey History’s Mini-Series on the Corsican Revolution is absolutely wild! Join the show’s free newsletter to stay informed on all things Grey History, and receive an exclusive link to the Corsican Revolution Part I! From republican revolutions to unexpected kings, the Corsican Revolution would be almost unbelievable if it wasn’t for the fact that it

Episode 53 “The Advance of France”

The crusade for universal liberty runs into problems. While some occupied territories demand annexation, others resist the encroachment on their traditional rights and privileges. To make matters worse, factionalism cripples the Executive council, while tensions rise between the National Convention and General Dumouriez. With division impacting both the government and the army, what could possibly

BONUS EPISODE: 1.52 The Corsican Revolution Part II

After centuries of mistreatment, the people of Corsica erupt in revolt. Follow the amazing story of the Corsican quest for independence as the island fights adversaries from all over Europe! Republics are created, Kings are crowned, and a near-endless state of war consumes the island as the people of Corsica attempt to secure their freedom!

Episode 50 “Questions & Answers Part I”

We’ve hit Episode 50 and there are some amazing questions to celebrate! In this episode, we’ll be exploring the role of Robespierre, key turning points in Louis XVI’s reign, and some interesting historical hypotheticals. We’ll also unpack the impact of Icelandic volcanic activity on the revolution as well as my research methodology. Thank you to

Episode 49 “The Trial of the King Part IV”

On 21 January 1793, Louis XVI was executed by the French Republic. How did the King live his final hours? What preparations were made to ensure the King could not escape? What impact did this monumental event have on the revolution at home and abroad? These are the questions that will be explored in the

Upcoming Q&A Episode – Send in your questions & opinions!

To celebrate Grey History’s 50th episode, we’re finally doing a Question & Answers episode! If you have any questions or queries about the revolution, serious or light-hearted, please send them in! You can use the link below to send in questions by both text and audio (so you can appear on the show!). You can

BONUS CONTENT: Spanish Interference in Louis XVI’s Trial

Throughout the trial of Louis XVI, the Spanish authorities made active attempts to influence the outcome. Why were the Spanish so keen to intervene? How did they try to alter the trial? Which deputies were implicated in the plot? This will be explored in this Episode Extra for Episode 48! ALL PATRONS CAN ACCESS NOW!LISTEN

Episode 48 “The Trial of the King Part III”

With problems besetting the young republic, the Convention had to end the contentious trial of Louis XVI. How would the trial proceed? Who would determine the King’s guilt and punishment? When would the judgment take effect? These are just some of the many questions the deputies grappled with as they dealt with the King’s conviction
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