EARLY ACCESS Episode 61 “The Purge of the Girondins Part III”

Facing setbacks and defeat, the insurrectionists of Paris recommitted to the cause. Surrounding the Convention with armed force, the deputies of the Convention were compelled to submit. On June 2, 1793, the Girondins were purged, and French history was changed forever. EARLY ACCESS Patrons on the True Revolutionary tier ($5 per episode) and above had

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Episode 60 “The Purge of the Girondins Part II”

Insurrection! With deadlock paralysing the Convention, and the Commission of Twelve provoking the radicals of Paris, another journée consumed the capital. With the establishment of the Central Revolutionary Committee and the Évêché Assembly, the sections of Paris led a new uprising against the national representation. The Insurrection of 31 May 1793 consumed the French Revolution,

Episode 59 “The Purge of the Girondins Part I”

With the revolution paralysed by factional feuds, the people of Paris moved to break the deadlock. This episode explores the weeks immediately preceding the Purge of the Girondins, including how Brissot and his allies rally support across the country. It also examines the differing opinions of historians in relation to the actions of the Girondins

Episode 58 “The Faction Menace”

Division and discord cripples the Convention as factional warfare consumes the deputies. Empowered with new legislation, and gripped by fears of conspiracies, the deputies begin to arrest and impeach their own. The struggle to the death has begun! Episode Extras 1. The Arrest of the Duc d’Orléans 2. Danton’s Secrets EARLY ACCESS Patrons on the

Episode 57 “The Institutions of Terror”

With the French Revolution engulfed in crises, the deputies of the Convention (eventually) took action. New measures were introduced to crush the counter-revolution, measures which would become the hallmarks of the coming Reign of Terror. This episode explores the introduction of Representatives on Mission and the contentious re-establishment of the Revolutionary Tribunal. It examines the

Episode 56 “Fasting and Furious”

While the revolution was surrounded by dangers, they could also be found within. Multiple crises radicalise the sans-culottes of the capital, and a new ultra-radical movement emerges on the revolutionary left. Those associated with the Enragés rise to challenge the National Convention, as well as the Girondins and Jacobins who dominate it. Episode Extra 1.


Unpack the past of Jacques Roux, the most iconic leader of the Enragés. Compare how Roux and those like him differed to previous sans-culottes leaders who originated from wealthier origins. ALL PATRONS CAN ACCESS NOW!LISTEN HERE NOT A PATREON SUPPORTER OF THE SHOW?Looking for amazing bonus content? Want to help keep Grey History on the air?

1.55 Civil War in the Vendée

Already engrossed with setbacks on the eastern frontier, in March 1793, the French revolutionaries were confronted with a new challenge in the west. Recruitment riots had gripped the nation, and in a region known as the Vendée, these disturbances fast became organised resistance. By June 1793, civil war consumed western France, and large swaths of
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