Episode 43, “The Invasion of France”, is now live!

On the eve of the Invasion of France in August 1792, the courts of the First Coalition were maintaining an uneasy alliance. Events in Poland had reinforced the long-standing distrust between the courts of Berlin, Vienna, and St. Petersburg, and developments in the east would fundamentally alter the trajectory of the allies’ advance. This episode

The Corsican Republic Part I (Patreon Bonus Episode)

It’s time for the next Patron Bonus Episode! “The Corsican Republic Part I” examines two thousand years of Corsican history! After covering the basics, we’ll explore how various empires and kingdoms left their mark on the island, and discuss how democratic and republican traditions were first established more than a thousand years ago. We’ll also

Joint Episode with History of the Papacy

How did the Revolution impact the Papacy, the Catholic Church, and regular priests? Where did the relationship between the revolutionaries and the Church go so wrong? How did the revolution fundamentally change the Papacy, resulting in its modern form? These are the questions explored in this fantastic episode with Steve Guerra from the History of

Behind the Scenes: The September Massacres

Come behind the scenes and see how Episodes 39 – 41 were made! This video for Patreon sponsors of the show explores the approach to the September Massacres, deleted scenes, additional thoughts, and new perspectives. It also discusses upcoming episodes on the Corsican Revolution and a collaboration with the History of the Papacy podcast! Not

Episode 41 “The September Massacres Part III”

How did the September Massacres change the character of the French Revolution? How did they alter the course and trajectory of the revolutionary project? How did average Parisians react to the gruesome events? These are the questions explored in the third and final part on the dark days of September 1792. Early Access on Patreon

Episode 40 “The September Massacres Part II”

Who was to blame for the September Massacres of 1792? Were the deaths planned or spontaneous? How did various individuals, factions, and institutions respond to the killings, and did they seek to use the bloodshed for their own advantage? Before we examine how the massacres changed the revolution, we must understand who is accountable for

Episode 39 “The September Massacres Part I”

Slaughter erupts in Paris as the Prussian Army advances on the capital. Fuelled by a deadly mixture of panic and rumours, the people of Paris seek to eliminate the enemy within by murdering the city’s prisoners. The September Massacres of 1792 were a turning point of the French Revolution. Episode Extras are available for EVERYONE

Trial of Full-Time Production! Your Support is (Desperately) Needed!

The Great Experiment IT’S OFFICAL! Grey History will be trialling full-time production for the next 6 months! Episodes will be produced every two weeks, with every fourth episode being a bonus episode exclusively available for Patreon sponsors of the show (on topics they vote for!). Not a sponsor of the show? Click Here To Support

Episode 37, “Aftermath”, is now live!

In the aftermath of the revolution on 10 August 1792, multiple winners and losers emerge. This episode explores the immediate consequences of the insurrection and those individuals, factions, and institutions that rise to power. Episode Extras:1.37.1 – Unfit for the Throne – Historian Bertha Gardiner explains her reasonings why Louis’ position on the throne was
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