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What is The French Revolution Podcast?

History isn’t black and white, yet too often it’s presented as such. Explore the ambiguities and nuances of the French Revolution with Grey History: The French Revolution and Napoleon. Recommended by historians and loved by historians, you can listen for free on all major podcast platforms.

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Twice a month, new episodes are released exploring the contentious debates of the French Revolution. Slowly unpacking the revolution in chronological order, the show is made for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of these consequential events. Start listening to the French Revolution podcast today!

Why “Grey History” for the French Revolution Podcast?

The French Revolution is one of the most important events in human history. However, in order to understand the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras, you need to understand the contentious debates that surround these fascinating events. Grey History explores the historiography of the French Revolution, along with the contradicting experiences of contemporaries and participants. Only in examining the grey can we find the revolution’s beauty, intrigue, and lessons.

What topics does the French Revolution Podcast explore?

Episodes 1-12: The First Stage of the French Revolution

The first 12 episodes of the French Revolution Podcast explore the origins of the French Revolution. Starting with French history in the late eighteenth century, we examine the Estates of the Realm and the legacy of Kings Louis XIV and Louis XV. We then dive into French involvement in the American Revolutionary War, and the profound impact this had on the history of France.

Taking the time to contrast the experiences of contemporaries and the opinions of historians, we proceed to unpack the fall of the Old Regime (Ancien Régime), including the summoning of the Estates-General and the creation of the National Assembly (later the National Constituent Assembly). We also examine the Tennis Court Oath and the series of events that triggered the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789. Along the way, we routinely dive into contentious debates in the history of the French Revolution, before proceeding to examine the period of constitutional monarchy from 1789 to 1792.

Episodes 13-23: The Years of the National Constituent Assembly

Episodes 13-23 explore the years of the National Assembly (1789 – September 1791). We examine the Great Fear, the abolition of privileges, and the controversial religious reforms of the National Assembly. We also unpack the Flight to Varennes, the creation of political clubs and societies, and the suppression of the nobility.

Episodes 24-43: The Legislative Assembly of the French Revolution

In Episode 24-43, the French Revolution podcast examines the controversial and turbulent year of the Legislative Assembly (October 1791 – September 1792). This includes the origins of the revolutionary war, the political divisions of the Brissotins and the Montagnards, and key events leading up to the fall of the monarchy. It also explores the storming of the Tuileries on the 10th of August, and the gruesome September Massacres that followed.

Episodes 44-61: The National Convention and the Purge of the Girondins

In these podcast episodes, we explore the opening months of the National Convention (1792-1795). Topics explored include the factions of the Convention, the annexations of Savoy, Nice, and Belgium, and the expansion of the revolutionary war. It also includes the trial of King Louis XVIII, the treason of General Dumouriez, and the insurrection in the Vendée. Finally, the French Revolution podcast also unpacks the purging of the Girondins in the events of 31 May – 2 June 1793.

Episodes 62 – 70+: The Federalist Revolts

Too often, the French Revolution focuses excessively on events in Paris. These episodes explore the revolutionary histories of Caen, Lyon, Marseille, and Toulon. Only the French Revolution podcast explores the fascinating details of these major centres as they revolt against the Jacobin Convention!

Where can I listen to the French Revolution Podcast?

You can listen for free on all podcast platforms, including Spotify.

How can I support the French Revolution Podcast?

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