French Revolution Articles

A (growing) collection of articles explaining key events, ideas, and individuals of the French Revolution.

Timelines of the French Revolution

Timeline of 1788 – Parlements, Unrest, Summoning of the Estates-General

Timeline of 1789 – Estates-General, Fall of the Bastille, October Days

Timeline of 1790 – Religious Reforms, Federations, Growing Unrest

Timeline of 1791 – Flight, Death, and Escalating Tensions

The Ancien Régime (Old Regime)

The Three Estates of the French Revolution

The First Estate

The Second Estate

The Estates-General

The New Regime (1789-1791)

The Flight to Varennes

The Second Revolution (1792-1793)

The September Massacres

Recommendations on the French Revolution

Best Books on the French Revolution

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