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A range of exclusive bonus content is produced for Patreon supporters of the show. This includes full-length bonus episodes, as well as ‘episode extras’ which accompany the main podcast!

All bonus content is available to Patreon supporters of Grey History.

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Exlcusive Full-length Bonus Episodes:

Episode 27: The Nancy Mutiny

Episode 28: The Brissotin Ministry

Exlcusive Episode Extras:

Episode 20 – Death of the Aristroacy 

Episode 21- Run Louis Run

Episode 22 – The Tricolour Terror

Episode 23 – The Constitution of 1791

Episode 24 – The Legislative Assembly

Episode 25 – The Road to War

Episode 26 – The Brissotins and the Montagnards

Episode 30 – Setbacks and Remedies

Episode 31 – Rise of the Sans-culottes

Episode 32 – Uninvited Gusts

Episode 33 – What about Second Revolution?