Maps of the Flight to Varennes

The Flight to Varennes was a daring and almost successful escape attempt by the royal family. Fleeing Paris on the evening of 20 June, 1791, the monarchs aimed for Montmédy near the north-eastern frontier. They were intercepted by supporters of the revolution in Varennes on the evening of 21 June.

Below are a range of maps which depict King Louis’ route from Paris.

Map of the Flight to Varennes

Source: Wells, Herbert George. The Outline of History. The Macmillan Company.

Indicative map of the Flight to Varennes

Source: Clark, William. Grey History Podcasts.

Note: Points on the map represent towns passed through by the royal family. Route between towns is only indicative.

Map of the final stages of the Flight to Varennes

Source: Schama, Simon. Citizens (p. 472). Penguin Books Ltd.

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