“To arms, Frenchmen, to arms!”. As Marseille rallied the country to revolt, the great port city achieved stunning success. Angered by the purging of the Girondins, and driven by its own internal divisions, Marseille marched on Paris to overthrow the Jacobin tyranny. Yet, despite “liberating” Avignon in July 1793, setbacks soon become insurmountable. Forced into a corner, Marseille and nearby Toulon open negotiations with the British. Terror in Marseille was sure to follow.

Episode Extras (Members-Only Content)

  1. The Terror in Marseille
    Explore the fascinating characteristics of Marseille’s Terror! How did Marseille’s experience differ to that of other federalist cities? What was the background of those killed? Were the proceedings a mockery of justice?
  2. Jacobin Federalism
    How was it that Marseille’s Jacobins could be accused of federalism? This episode extra explores this unexpected accusation, as well as links to future blueprints for totalitarian one-party regimes!


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