Episode 48 “The Trial of the King Part III”

With problems besetting the young republic, the Convention had to end the contentious trial of Louis XVI. How would the trial proceed? Who would determine the King’s guilt and punishment? When would the judgment take effect? These are just some of the many questions the deputies grappled with as they dealt with the King’s conviction

BONUS CONTENT: Additional Analysis of Girondin Motivations

This 15-minute Episode Extra covers my unscripted thoughts on how the possibility of war in the Atlantic may have encouraged some Girondins to seek clemency for the King. It also examines an additional theory from Historian Jean Jaurès as to why the Girondins had no choice but to propose the appeal to the people and

Episode 47 “The Trial of the King Part II”

As the deputies proceed with the King’s trial, a radical proposal upends the proceedings. Leading Girondins propose “the appeal to the people”, a national referendum to determine the King’s fate. Rejected by the Mountain, both factions denounce the other as they seek to win the support of the Plain.  This episode explores the appeal to

BONUS CONTENT: Mirabeau’s Secret Letters

This 20-minute Episode Extra covers the secret dealings of Mirabeau and the public reaction to the discovery of his duplicity. Only patrons have access to Episode Extras! Already a patron? ACCESS HERE Not a patron of the show? Do your bit to help keep Grey History on the air, and access exclusive bonus episodes, episode extras,

Episode 46 “The Trial of the King Part I”

With the republic declared and foreign armies pushed back beyond the frontiers, the National Convention had no choice but to turn its attention to justice. Should the King be tried? Could he even be tried? If he could, how would the nation hold its former monarch to account? These were the questions that gripped the

Episode Extra on ‘The Girondin Attacks’

This 18-minute Episode Extra covers my unscripted thoughts (consider yourself officially warned) on the Girondin assault against leading Montagnard leaders. Topics covered include the historical analysis of the events, alternative options available to the Girondins, and my criticisms.  Only patrons have access to Episode Extras! Already a patron? ACCESS HERE Not a patron of the

Episode 45 “First Republic, Then Dictatorship?”

“I accuse you of having quite obviously set your sights on a position of supreme power.” As the Convention sits in September 1792, the new national legislature descends into factional chaos. Fears of tyranny dominate the body, and a schism in the Jacobin Club rocks the revolution across the entire nation. Amongst the quarrels, the

Interview Episode – Russian Rulers History Podcast & Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great is one of the most intriguing and consequential monarchs of the 18th century. Mark Schauss from the Russian Rulers History Podcast joins me for a wide-ranging interview on Catherine’s reign. In this episode, we discuss Catherine’s influential policies, politics, and wars, as well as her surprising ascent to the Russian throne. We

Episode Extra: Legalisation of Divorce in Revolutionary France

Explore the ground-breaking legalisation of divorce in September 1792. Its impacts were significant (there were more than 30,000 divorces in the years that followed!), and it would take almost 180 years for similar legislation to arrive in the United States and the United Kingdom! This 23+ minute Episode Extra is available exclusively for patrons of

Episode 44 “The National Convention”

The National Convention meets in Paris. Who were the deputies who lead France? What divided them? How accurate are the common perceptions of their politics? This episode explores the new national legislature and the factions which would dominate it. Gain early access, support the show, and access hours worth of exclusive bonus by sponsering the
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