63 Caen: The North Rebels!

Normandy and Brittany declare insurrection. Proclaiming their intention to march against the capital, a northern army was assembled to crush the anarchists in Paris. But, despite noteworthy successes, the Federalist Revolt of the North ended in disaster.

Why did the Norman port of Caen become a key federalist stronghold? Did the insurrections pursue a truly federalist program? How did Paris respond to the emerging threat to the north These questions and more will be explored in this episode on the Federalist Revolts of 1793!

Episode Extras

1. A History of Caen: An exploration of Caen’s unique experiences of the revolution, and how the town’s characteristics shaped its relationship with the revolution and Paris.

2. The Manifesto of the Central Committee of Resistance to Oppression: An examination of the most detailed and broad-based federalist program from 1793. It’s not what you might expect!


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