EARLY ACCESS 73 Toulon V: Napoleon’s Triumph

Toulon’s Federalist Revolt!

A tremendous victory and a terrible cost. Explore the controversies that surrounding the siege of Toulon and Napoleon’s great victory!

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Maps of the Siege of Toulon

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1.73.1 The Evacuation of Toulon

Thousands try to flee Toulon as the Republic’s armies advance. In the resulting chaos, scenes of misery and panic define the last hours of the siege. Historians paint starkly different pictures of these events, and the controversies are countless. 

1.73.2 The Failed Burning of the French Fleet

Tasked with destroying the French Mediterranean Fleet, the Allies fail miserably. This episode extra examines the decision to destroy Toulon’s fleet and the amateurish operation which followed. It also explores the long term consequences of the Allied actions.

1.73.3 Terror in Toulon

Reclaimed by the Republic, vengeance was swift. Mass shootings engulfed Toulon as the royalist rebels were put to the sword. This episode extra explores the phases of Toulon’s Terror and the controversies which surround them.


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