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With the Intelligent Speech Conference now behind us, it’s time for me to focus my attention on the next Bonus Episode for sponsors of the show! Thank you to everyone who has submitted a range of ideas for possible bonus episodes! The blurbs for each idea are just initial thoughts while we narrow down the choices.

Voting is now open for all Patreon supporters of the show. Sponsors may vote for as many episode ideas as they like! 

  • Dramatic Acts – The role of theatres and the arts in shaping the initial years of the revolution.
  • The Scientific Revolution – Exploration of the activities of famous scientists during the initial years of the revolution. What roles did they play? How did the revolution further scientific discoveries?
  • Worthless Paper – A deeper dive into the creation, use, and troubles of the assignats.
  • Holy Land, Unholy Action – The annexation of the papal enclave of Avignon and how surrounding events influenced the revolution and international relations.
  • Foreign Eyes – The experience of diplomats and foreigners in revolutionary Paris.
  • Advocates Abroad – How sympathetic revolutionaries promoted the revolution in Europe and America.
  • The French Effect – How the revolution initially impacted the affairs of European states and America.
  • The Corsican Republic – The Corsican Revolution of the mid-eighteenth century and its links to the French Revolution.

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