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Voting for the upcoming bonus episode

With the Intelligent Speech Conference now behind us, it’s time for me to focus my attention on the next Bonus Episode for sponsors of the show! Thank you to everyone who has submitted a range of ideas for possible bonus episodes! The blurbs for each idea are just initial thoughts while we narrow down the

Episode Extras have arrived!

The first Episode Extras are live for Grey History’s patreon community! Going forward, Episode Extras will divulge the cool facts, interesting quotes, and quirky side stories that I wanted to discuss in the regular show but couldn’t find the opportunity to in the condensed script! This bonus content is exclusive for patreon members. New to

Bonus Episodes for Patreon Supporters

Hello Everybody! Over the coming months I am planning to create bonus episodes that dive into certain topics that unfortunately haven’t made their way into the main series. Examples of potential episodes (or indeed mini-series) include: The Brabant Revolution in Belgium Jewish and Protestant Emancipation The Prussian invasion of Holland in 1787 The revolution in
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