On the eve of the Invasion of France in August 1792, the courts of the First Coalition were maintaining an uneasy alliance. Events in Poland had reinforced the long-standing distrust between the courts of Berlin, Vienna, and St. Petersburg, and developments in the east would fundamentally alter the trajectory of the allies’ advance.

This episode examines how events in Poland impacted the Prussian invasion, as well as the army that marched with the Duke of Brunswick. We’ll also explore the key battles of 1792, including Valmy and Jemappes, along with the amazing highs and lows of the campaign. Finally, we will unpack how the military situation in late 1792 dramatically impacted the politics of the new French Republic, leading to a renewed determination to wage a crusade for universal liberty.

Episode Extra: The Battle(s) of Valmy

Explore not only the original Battle of Valmy, but the highly contested historical debate surrounding the skirmish. Historians differ massively on how to interpret the events of September 20, 1792, so this will be full of Grey (Military) History!

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