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To celebrate Grey History’s 50th episode, we’re finally doing a Question & Answers episode! If you have any questions or queries about the revolution, serious or light-hearted, please send them in! You can use the link below to send in questions by both text and audio (so you can appear on the show!).

You can also use the link below to participate in the “Talk Back Radio section”! If you have any comments or opinions on any aspect of the King’s trial, please send them in using the same link below!

If you send in an audio question, please make sure your question is clear and succinct. For all questions, if you don’t want your name to be used on the show, just let me know!

Thanks for your questions, and thanks for listening to Grey History!

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  • Question ( I am just catching up). Who paid for the federation celebrations? I thought the country was bankrupt. Who continued to support the king and his family before they were killed? What kind of taxation system replaced the one from the ancien regime? An episode on the economics of the Revolution would be great.

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