Episode 31, “Rise of the Sans-culottes”, is now live!

“The Girondins too were frightened… The appearance of sans-culottes scared them into taking a path that was to lead to conservatism.” – Georges Lefebvre

As the nation faced a multitude of threats, a particular cohort of Parisians emerged as a powerful revolutionary force. This episode introduces the famous Sans-culottes of the French Revolution. Just who were the sans-culottes? What was their agenda? How did the political factions respond to their radical demands? This episode answers all these questions and explores some contentious historical debates. 

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Intelligent Speech
I will be speaking at this year’s Intelligent Speech Conference about Louis XVI’s Flight to Varennes. You can find all the details for the conference here (should you wish to attend, the coupon code ‘grey’ will give you 10% off).

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Upcoming Bonus Episode
A reminder for patreons to post or message your ideas for the next bonus episode! I’ve been sent some fantastic ideas, and we’ll put a collection of them up for a vote.

Episode Extra

In this Episode Extra, we will examine the escape of Louis’ aunts from Paris. The poor ladies had a bit of an ordeal on their “regular pilgrimage”.

Images of Culottes and Sans-Culottes

A group of sans-culottes (all wearing trousers).
An illustration of an ideal sans-culotte.
Fashionable men wearing knee breeches.

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