Bonus Episodes for Patreon Supporters

Hello Everybody!

Over the coming months I am planning to create bonus episodes that dive into certain topics that unfortunately haven’t made their way into the main series. Examples of potential episodes (or indeed mini-series) include:

  • The Brabant Revolution in Belgium
  • Jewish and Protestant Emancipation
  • The Prussian invasion of Holland in 1787
  • The revolution in the French colonies
  • The role of theatres in radicalising Paris
  • Deep dives into the pre-revolutionary history of major actors (e.g. Mirabeau, Lafayette)
  • Deep dives into specific events (e.g. the Nancy Affair)
  • Deep dives into the ideas of influential philosophes

All patreons will be able to access this bonus content, and some tiers will be able to vote for next topic. The first bonus episode will be published this month (once I decide what it is)!

If you are not currently a patreon, you can sign up and support the show here.

As always, thank you very much for supporting Grey History!

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