Trial of Full-Time Production! Your Support is (Desperately) Needed!

The Great Experiment

IT’S OFFICAL! Grey History will be trialling full-time production for the next 6 months! Episodes will be produced every two weeks, with every fourth episode being a bonus episode exclusively available for Patreon sponsors of the show (on topics they vote for!).

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Why now?

Only five episodes of Grey History were produced in 2021. With each episode taking more than 50 hours to make, juggling both a traditional career and the podcast has proven impossible. Against all sound advice, I’ve chosen to prioritise the podcast. The next 6 months is an attempt to get the podcast financially viable before my savings run out!

What does this mean for you?

I will be producing episodes every two weeks, with bonus episodes produced every fourth episode. In short, more Grey History, more often!

In addition to more regular production of Grey History, there will also be more bonus content (Bonus Episodes, Mini-Series, Behind The Scenes Videos, Episode Extras etc.) and collaboration episodes with other history podcasts!

How can you help?

With each episode taking more than 50 hours to produce, I need your help to make the show sustainable. I can’t do it without you!

The best way to support Grey History is my becoming a sponsor on Patreon. Patron is a platform that lets you automatically donate a small amount of money when new episodes are released. In return for your sponsorship of the show, you’ll gain access to bonus episodes, episode extras, behind the scenes videos, and other great benefits. Depending on your donation you may also receive early access to new episodes or be personally thanked each episode! You can cancel anytime.

To access hours of exclusive bonus content and help make Grey History sustainable, support the show now! The future of Grey History will only be possible with your immediate support. We have less than 6 months to make this experiment a revolutionary success!

Not a sponsor of the show?

Click Here To Support the Show NOW & Access hours of Bonus content!

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