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Episode 32, “Uninvited Guests”, is now live!

“I know that the stern language of the truth is rarely welcome close to the throne. I also know that, because it is almost never heard there, that revolutions become necessary.” – Jean-Marie Roland A new ministerial crisis erupts thanks to the bold actions of Interior Minister Jean-Marie Roland. The people of Paris conduct a

Episode 26, “The Brissotins and the Montagnards”, is now live!

Civil war erupts within the Jacobin Club as Brissot and Robespierre denounce each other’s solutions to the nation’s woes. Diplomatic and ministerial crises finally trigger conflict between France and Austria in April 1792. “To whom will you entrust the direction of this war? To the agents of the Government? You will give supreme power to

Episode 25, “The Road to War”, is now live!

As European monarchs threaten war, Jacobin deputies embrace the challenge. A strange alliance is forged between republicans and monarchists as the nation prepares for conflict, while the supporters of a general revolution urge French liberation of the entire continent. Despite the numerous justifications used to pursue revolutionary war, the true motivations of leading actors remains

Episode 23, “The Constitution of 1791”, is now live!

With the democrats on the run, the newly established Feuillant Club had an opportunity to revise the constitution and cement its power. King Louis XVI accepts the Constitution of 1791, but historians and contemporaries alike criticise the document for possessing countless flaws. “It is a general and almost universal conviction that this Constitution is inexecutable.

Episode 22, “The Tricolour Terror”, is now live!

With the nation shocked by the King’s attempted escape, public debate erupted over the future of both the monarch and the monarchy. Unfortunately for the revolutionary left, these divisive debates resulted in bloodshed and repression. Who should be blamed for the Champ de Mars Massacre, and how successful was the Tricolour Terror it unleashed? “Men,
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