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Bonus Episodes for Patreon Supporters

Hello Everybody! Over the coming months I am planning to create bonus episodes that dive into certain topics that unfortunately haven’t made their way into the main series. Examples of potential episodes (or indeed mini-series) include: The Brabant Revolution in Belgium Jewish and Protestant Emancipation The Prussian invasion of Holland in 1787 The revolution in

Episode 19, “A Holy War Begins”, is now live!

The Catholic Church becomes the revolution’s most tenacious and ferocious foe. The Civil Constitution of the Clergy forces the nation to choose between revolution and religion. Was this conflict inevitable, or did the revolutionaries simply make a terrible mistake?

Episode 18, “A Popular Revolution”, is now live!

While debate raged about the revolution’s ideas, the people found ways to celebrate them. Throughout 1789 and 1790, a whole series of new traditions, customs and artefacts were created to celebrate the revolution and unite the nation in a popular cause. Check out the Episode Guide here.
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