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Bonus Episodes:

The Nancy Mutiny of 1790

Episode Extras:

1.26.2 Madame de Stael's Observations of the King's Speech

1.26.1 De Lessart's Unfortunate Fate
1.25.1 Barnave's Reasons for Peace
1.24.3 Marquis de Ferrieres and Renegade Priests
1.24.2 Mallet Du Pan and the Assembly's Émigré Decree
1.24.1 Historian Charles Mallet and the Brissotins
1.23.2 Thouret and de Staël on the Constitution of 1791
1.23.1 Historian H.P. Adams on the Constitution of 1791
1.22.2 Hébert on the Flight to Varennes
1.22.1 Louis explains the Flight to Varennes
1.21.1 Patriotic Varennes and World Firsts
1.20.2 Necker Defending French Aristocracy
1.20.1 The (Misleading) Tennis Court Oath & Vandalism