About Grey History

The Podcast

Grey History is a podcast dedicated to exploring the ambiguities of the past. Too often history is presented as black and white, and Grey History seeks to examine the area in between those two extremes. Why? Because it’s in the grey that history has its beauty, its intrigue, and most importantly its lessons. Furthermore, only through appreciating the ambiguities and nuances of history can we empower ourselves to build a better tomorrow.

To explore the ambiguity of the past, the podcast makes a deliberate point of retelling historical events while comparing contradictory viewpoints and conclusions. In the case of the French Revolution, this means incorporating testimonies and opinions from a wide variety sources. This includes everyone from aristocratic witnesses to marxist historians, radical journalists to foreign ambassadors. By incorporating a range of primary and secondary sources, Grey History can dive into the grey.

The Host (and researcher, writer… well, everything┬áreally)

William Clark has been a history geek since ancient times. William has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, and studied some history and politics subjects while completing his undergraduate degree. Will’s dream is to become a full-time history podcaster, choosing events and eras that are full of ambiguity and exploring these topics in ways that tease out their lessons and intrigue.